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  • Natural Aromatic Consultation $100
    A personal consultation to address questions you have about the use and benefits of essential oils for your personal or professional use and/or create a natural treatment plan that is expressly for you. Used daily, it will help support you mentally and emotionally throughout the day.  
  • Natural Perfume Consultation $140
    A personal 90-minute consultation to develop and create a personal fragrance blended from natural essential oils to match your energetic pattern as well as support you emotionally and spiritually - and smell amazing. It will be something that lights up your world to where you can never do without it.  Please be sure not to wear any scents of any kind during this consultation. 
  • Essential Oil Private Tutoring $595
    This is a more advanced program designed for the person ready to take the next step in incorporating aromatherapy and the use of essential oils into their personal and/or professional practice. Includes detailed and specific, one on one training in the use, blending and application of essential oils.  It will start with a consultation to discuss goals and objectives and formulate a plan and schedule.